Full House Marketing® owners, Leah Brewer and Rebecca Rosario-Bueno, present training workshops to management companies, apartment communities and associations nationwide.  Each has built their skills through years of engagement on the front lines, and bring real-life solutions to industry challenges. They are unique in their training styles and personalities, but commonly appealing in embracing humor, interaction and revisiting techniques that help students listen, learn, retain and implement information.

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Leah Brewer

Leah Brewer, CAM, NALP, ApartMentor



Charlotte Pisciotta

Vice President

Rebecca Rosario-Bueno, CAM, NALP, ApartMentor



Stephanie Loyd

Business Development & Marketing Manager


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    “It’s Showtime!”Its Showtime

    This leasing/fair housing workshop is offered throughout the year in Michigan and the Carolinas, and also available for your company’s education event.


    • Script a perfect performance in 5 steps
    • Enlarge your audience with your own commercial …using your telephone
    • Learn 5 actions to a successful phone presentation
    • Invest in the skills to turn leads to leases
    • “Set the state” from opening to closing
    • Learn improvisation to suit your audience
    • Master easy-to-use closing questions to use throughout your presentation
    • Understand Fair Housing with an overview of the laws and how they apply to our daily business

    STAR TRACK 3-step Leasing Training Program

    This is the most efficient program to ramp up your new leasing professional, or the perfect action plan for someone in need of an intensive refresher.

    Step 1:  Reserved seat at Leasing/Fair Housing Workshop “It’s Showtime!”

    Step 2:  On-site coaching and live rehearsal with certified trainer

    Step 3:  Presentation reviewed by mystery critic, to further fine-tune the Star’s performance

    • Continue your training with a full action-packed day: live and in-person, on-site, one-on-one, in front of a live studio audience (your clients)!
    • Apply new telephone techniques and write your “commercial” and turn more phone leads into tours
    • Create excitement and desire for your community through your verbal presentation
    • Enhance the sales area in your office for a comfortable leasing experience
    • Use magic phrases designed to jump-start any sales presentation
    • Choreograph your tour route with a mindful eye toward creating the best presentation
    • Remove internal sales barriers that impede your clients from saying “YES!”
    • Customize your brochure presentation with top tips to use this tool
    • Present your available apartments in a Feature/Action/Benefit/Trial Close format
    • Set the Closing Environment: Make it easy to lease – and hard to leave


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    “It’s Showtime!” leasing/fair housing training $149 per person
    STAR TRACK 3‐step leasing training program $1099