Who We Are

Full House Marketing is your one‐stop shop for services to keep you full: full staff, full occupancy, full talent development. One size does not fit all. We build each relationship on integrity and trust, tailoring solutions based on the individual needs of each client.

About Us

Full House Marketing® has become more than just marketing; it’s all about having your own “full house”: full occupancy at your apartment community, a fully staffed on-site team and management company, along with fully trained talent at every level of your organization. Leah Brewer founded the original Full House Marketing® in Farmington, Michigan, in 1995 to fill a void of qualified short-term temporary staff in the Southeast Michigan multi-family housing market. As an apartment marketing and training expert, she was able to build a quality team of available extras that could cover temporary assignments of any length.

In 2000, she and Rebecca Rosario duplicated the proven processes in Raleigh, NC, and the national brand began to take shape. Rebecca enlarged the scope of services to include recruiting and placement, and the two Superstars continued to refine processes, procedures and build separate companies together. Today, the duo continues to offer boutique services to residential property management companies throughout Michigan and Ohio, North Carolina and surrounding states. In addition, they are both nationally recognized marketing consultants and industry trainers and are engaged in projects and events for associations and management companies nationwide.

Leah Brewer

Leah Brewer, CAM, NALP, ApartMentor


Rebecca Rosario, CAM, NALP, NAAEI, ApartMentor


Michigan Team

Charlotte Pisciotta

Vice President

Andi Kolhoff


Pam Huesman Stevens

Maintenance Staffing Coordinator

Angela Lutzke

Staffing Coordinator

Shannon McMahon

Director of Strategic Solutions

Sarah Brewer

Human Resources Coordinator

Margie Elzerman, COS

Talent Recruiter

Alena Carter

Staffing and Marketing Assistant

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North Carolina Team

Ashley Davoli

Operations Manager

Leilani Ledford

Senior Sales Director

Denise Rogers

Staffing Coordinator

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Charlotte Sales Executive

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Staffing Coordinator

Patrick Tighe

Talent Recruiter

Naomi Bissell

Administrative Assistant