When you are short staffed, you’re usually short on patience and productivity too.  Temporary leasing consultants, maintenance technicians, managers and more are available for a single day or “until further notice”.  You stay busy running your apartment community, and we’ll send in the quality help you need for a time period or a special project.

Try-before-you-buy with temporary talent turning to permanent placement when you find your dream team member.

In addition, we have a pool of talented candidates looking for new challenges, ready to join your on-site or corporate team.  Our recruiters can send you pre-screened candidates to interview.  It’s free to look at resumes and interview candidates.  When we make a match and you make a hire, you’ll be happy to pay a Success Fee.

Permanent Placement

It’s just like dating, you meet some interesting people and pick the one that best matches your requirements.  Full House Marketing® is more than the for job openings.  We work closely with our clients to determine the best qualifications and skills needed, then interview candidates to ensure their experience and needs are appropriate for the job and corporate culture offered.  We have been uniting talent with opportunity for over 20 years and stay actively involved throughout the client interview and follow-up, to launch a long-term, successful relationship between candidates and clients.
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It’s free to look!  If we make a match and you make a hire, you’ll be happy to pay a Success Fee for your new team member.

  • Recruiting
  • Job Fairs
  • Interview Assistance
  • Pre-employment Screening
  • Employee profiling for integrity, attitude and reliability
  • Assistance with writing Job Description, defining compensation package and interview questions
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Temporary Assignments

Are you short-staffed due to vacation, termination or promotions?  Let us send help FAST to your apartment community.  Our trained and motivated Leasing Advisors, Maintenance Technicians, Managers and more can temporarily fill the position with qualified assistance during peak business or staff transitions.  We’ll handle the headaches so you can pamper your prospects and residents.

No worries…we’ve got it covered!  Staffing rates cover all the extra costs of employment:

  • Worker’s compensation
  • Unemployment insurance
  • Payroll taxes and reporting
  • Payroll posting and related administrative costs
  • Employee benefits including life insurance, health care and disability
  • Paid holidays and paid vacation
  • Fair Housing trained
  • Continuous job training
  • On-site orientation
  • Mentoring and supervision
  • Career apparel and name tag

Payrolling Option:  Have you located a great candidate and want to try them out before official on-boarding?  Let us payroll them for you until you make your decision.  We handle the payroll pains, unemployment risks, background checks, employer taxes and more.  There is no minimum time period for buy-out and a reduced staffing rate applies.

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F.A.Q. – Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you find your Temporary Specialists?

A:  We are heavily networked within our primary service areas, and have a consistent flow of qualified candidates contacting us for temporary and permanent placement.  Some are between jobs and many are referred by our clients and employees.  Additionally, we utilize proprietary tools to create a consistent interest in career opportunities.

What does “try-before-you-buy” mean?

A:  Most likely, your goal is to fill your open position with the best candidate who fits your required job skills, personality and availability while thriving in your company’s culture.  Bringing a potential candidate aboard as a Temporary Specialist allows you to view their workstyle, behavior and personality while on-the-job.  Most candidates perform well in an interview, but the real indicator is situational on-the-job.  Many Temporary Specialists are open to direct hire; let us know when your temporary assignment turns into a direct hire request.  Our contract provides for temp-to-hire and the Success Fee changes based on the length of the temporary assignment.

Will Full House Marketing®’s Temporary Specialists be able to do everything my current employees do?

A:  Our team strives to be your extra help, up-and-running effectively in under 60 minutes. Many have certifications, skills and experience that allow them to “hit the ground running”. Keep in mind your permanent team members are probably given several days of orientation, on-site direction and supervision, along with on-the-job training in order to produce at the level they are currently producing.  Please understand our staff may or may not be a 100% fit like your long-term current employees.  Our Specialists float from assignment to assignment with multiple expectations, property locations and styles, personalities and co-workers.  Help them help you most effectively by giving them resources, direction and clear expectations so they can perform at their optimal level for you.  If you find an 80% fit…hang on to them, they just might surprise you and grow into 100%!

Why are your rates higher than I would pay someone directly?

A:  We hire all our staff as employees and cover all costs of employment, recruiting and advertising, benefits, employment taxes, worker’s compensation and more.  In addition to actual costs, our rates cover the internal costs of running a business such as supervisors and schedulers, office administration, office expenses, marketing, trade association memberships, training and more.  Our business is like your business, our rates need to cover the expenses of the businesses and eventually give the owners a fair rate of return for their investments.

Do you check backgrounds or references?

A: Yes, our Staffing Team performs a thorough background check for any criminal history and motor vehicle records, along with previous employment references.  We require our employees to have a valid driver’s licenses and any exceptions would be discussed with the client prior to placement.

Can you provide pre-employment background checks and drug testing compliant with our company’s pre-employment requirements and can we get copies of your reports?

A:  Every organization is unique as to what information they gather and verify prior to hiring. When you are ready to offer employment to our candidate, they will be available for your company processes including completing your application and any pre-employment screening you require, at your expense.  Our processes exceed industry standards, however, we are in a contractual agreement with our screening providers to not release the personal information to a third party.  We embrace random drug testing and standard drug screening following an injury or worker’s compensation claim.  Our screening may not duplicate your own exactly, but it is generally more than your other vendors provide, such as your landscapers, asphalt repair team, carpet cleaners or copier repairman.

Should I be worried the Temporary Specialist will try to recruit my staff away from my property?

A:  No worries, it is our policy not to recruit from active clients.  Even if your staff member calls us directly, we will not work with them for temporary placement or direct hire candidacy unless you authorize it or they are already separated from your company.

What if I want to hire my Temporary Specialist directly with my company?

A:  First, we celebrate that you’ve found the right fit for your team.  Our working agreement outlines your minimum temporary commitment and buy-out options.  Contact your Staffing Scheduler who can provide you the best choices of waiting through the minimum period, buying out the contract early, or paying a Success Fee percentage for direct hire.

Tell me more about paying commissions for my Leasing Specialists; my current commission program is different than yours.

A: We believe great salespeople are motivated by recognition and reward.  Commissions are a worthy “carrot” to motivate Leasing Advisors to focus on the what matters most:  new leases.  We have hundreds of client companies with multiple commission structures, and it would be an administrative nightmare to try to apply each different structure to our personnel.  Instead, our commission is simple:  whoever is responsible for the initial tour of the prospect qualifies for the commission when the prospect signs a lease.  Yes, sometimes this means you may be paying two people for the same move-in, and it also means sometimes you will not be paying anyone.  To be fair to our hardworking team members, please let us know if any move-ins occurred after our assignment ends, if our Leasing Advisor was responsible for the initial tour.

One of your Temporary Specialists who was placed at a sister community just responded to my job posting. Can I hire them directly without a placement fee?

A:  The authorized representative from your sister community signed a contract that anyone who worked at their community through Full House Marketing® cannot be hired at their community, management company or sister community for 12 months following their last date of work without paying a Success Fee.  Please notify us if you would like to hire our employee who worked at your site, or a sister site, within the past 12 months.

Are Full House Marketing®’s Specialists hired as employees or contractors?

A: Similar to how you hire your onsite staff, we classify our team as employees using IRS guidelines.  Therefore, we pay employment taxes, unemployment insurance, worker’s compensation insurance and employee benefits, as well as administrative payroll costs.  We believe this is not only the law, but the right thing to do to protect our employees and our clients.  It costs more to do business, but worth it.

*Note* Beware of those temporary staffing companies who misclassify their staff as contractors and ask them to waive their rights to Worker’s Comp.  They may show you a certificate of insurance but if you investigate further, it actually doesn’t cover their contractors.  This can be a huge liability for your company if there is an incident at your community and someone is injured with no access to standard insurances.  Since we instruct our team of when and where to work, train them and give them the resources to do their tasks, we have financial and behavioral control and they are therefore classified as employees.

I have a Temporary Specialist who is doing an outstanding job and I’d like to give them a bonus. How do I go about that?

A:  Yes, this happens quite frequently when our Temporary Specialist does an outstanding job or during the holidays.  Please call us to discuss your options; generally, we can “gross up” their pay if you want them to receive a set amount, or you can opt for a gross amount subject to normal taxes.  Either way, we will factor only the actual payroll costs for you as a pass-through.  Another option is to give them a gift card directly to thank them for exceptional work.

The temporary assignment is ending; how long of a notice do you need to terminate the assignment?

A:  We pride ourselves in being easy-on and easy-off.  Generally, we ask you week by week to provide a working schedule for the upcoming week.  If your needs change, please provide a 72-hour notice so we can secure a new assignment for our Temporary Specialist. Giving us time to relocate the Specialist to a new assignment helps keep them working, which means more staff will be available for you when you call us for your next temporary need.

If I’m not happy with my Temporary Specialist, can I get a replacement?

A:  Yes, please contact your Staffing Scheduler if the match is not working and we will do our best to replace them with someone closer to your expectations.  If possible, we can also use this opportunity for mentoring and coaching so the Specialist can make you happy.

Can I interview my Temporary Specialist prior to starting an assignment?

A:  Our assignments are continually beginning and ending, and our Specialists are usually assigned to another community during the day and unavailable for interviews.  To give you more peace of mind, you can review any new Specialist during the first four hours of any assignment and if they do not fit your requirements, you may dismiss them within four hours at no charge.  This gives you half a day for a working interview.  Please contact your Staffing Scheduler if you need to dismiss a Specialist prior to their scheduled end time.

Who do I contact if there are disciplinary needs or my Specialist needs more job training?

A:  Your Staffing Scheduler is the direct supervisor for our Temporary Specialists and can handle most HR concerns and disciplinary or training needs.  We want to hear from you if your expectations are not being met.

Do you carry business insurances like General Liability?

A:  Yes, we carry high limits of coverage.  If you need a Certificate of Insurance for your vendor file, please request it before we start an assignment to ensure it meets your company’s minimum standards.

What if I need additional insurance limits or specialty coverages like waivers of subrogation or additional insureds?

A:  If our insurance coverage does not meet your standards you can request additional insurance coverage or waivers.  As we already carry higher than standard coverage, any increased coverage needed to meet your standards would be at your expense and must be requested prior to a work assignment.  Any requests following work performed cannot be guaranteed and the invoice for work performed is still fully due.  We work with hundreds of client companies and cannot know each organization’s expectations until disclosed prior to work performed.

I have a third party who verifies your compliance with our business standards; will you pass their certification and pay the annual fee?

A:  Third party vendor verification is increasingly popular for consistency with your business expectations.  Prior to these service providers, it was typically the task of the manager or accounting person to request all compliance paperwork.  Basically, these compliance companies enable you to outsource this function so you can be more efficient and focus on higher-level business needs.  The cost of outsourcing this function is part of your cost of doing business.  We serve hundreds of client communities from multiple management companies, and cannot easily absorb this expense into our staffing rates. We will comply with your request for information to a third party, and pass their certification with proper documentation, and those annual fees would be at your own expense.

I have prepared a Vendor Contract that needs signed in order to do business with us. Can we use our contract instead of Full House Marketing®’s Staffing Work Order?

A:  If you allow your renters to prepare their own Lease Agreement which you will sign, then we will also sign your Vendor Contract.  Otherwise, it is standard practice for the service provider to outline the terms and conditions in their own contract, as we do.  Take all the time you need to read the Work Order contract prior to signing your agreement and requesting services.  It is simple and straight-forward.  While requests for modifications will be considered upon special request, this must be done prior to work performed.  Any requests for contract modification following work performed cannot be guaranteed and the invoice for work performed is still fully due.

Can a Full House Marketing Temporary Specialist sign a Lease Agreement with a new resident?

A:  Your Lease Agreement is your contract with the renter and should be signed by a legal representative from your company.  Our Leasing Advisors can provide the Move-In Orientation on your behalf, and sign simple verifications that the resident received information.  All legal contracts should be counter-signed by a direct employee of your company.

Can I give keys, emergency phones/pagers, petty cash, alarm codes or other resources to a Temporary Specialist to take home?

A:  We’d prefer to limit what is given to any Full House Temporary Specialist to reduce your liability and any possible accusations of misuse, or loss of valuable items.  If our staff is expected to open or close alone and keys must be given to take home, it is your decision to make an exception.  In general, your company resources should not be taken off-site by non-employees.  It is your choice as to how much access to company equipment you give our team members, and you assume the responsibility of your choice.  In the event of gross misuse or theft, we will immediately involve law enforcement and follow standard procedures.

Does your Temporary Specialist clock in/out or fill out a time sheet? Will I be able to review it for accuracy?

A: Specialists complete a written weekly time sheet for your signature of approval.   The signed time sheet is submitted weekly to our office and you can retain a copy for your records.