Are you a committed professional with a strong work ethic?  Full House Marketing® works with national and local residential property management companies, placing temporary and direct-hire candidates from on-site to corporate management positions.  We represent top caliber professionals:

  • Leasing Advisors and Leasing Directors
  • Lease-Up Specialists
  • Maintenance Technicians and Supervisors
  • Grounds persons/Porters
  • Managers and Assistant Managers
  • Accounting and Administrative Personnel
  • Specialty Experts, such as Outreach, Marketing or Social Activities Coordinator
  • Regional Managers and Corporate Office Administrators
  • C-Suite Operations and Financial Professionals

Permanent Placement

Are you a residential property management professional looking for a new opportunity?  Our confidential placement services are available at no cost to you.  Your new employer will cover the costs if we make a match.  We work with all job categories from onsite to corporate office, from maintenance and leasing to management and operations.

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Temporary Assignments

You’ll love the flexibility to use your skills and be the Hero Helper at short-staffed communities throughout the area.  Joining our Staffing Team allows you access to multiple employers, one of which might be the perfect match for direct hire.  While not all temporary assignments are open to direct hire, all assignments are critical to the success of our clients’ organizations.  Primarily, temporary assignment requests are for:

  • Leasing Advisors
  • Maintenance Technicians
  • Management/Administrative Support

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Frequently Asked Questions:


As a Temporary Specialist, what will I be doing?

A: Our primary requests for temporary assignments are leasing, maintenance and onsite management.  In most cases, your daily tasks will mirror the client’s direct-hire employee job description. It will be the decision of each client community to decide how much access to allow our team members to their internal resources and information.

What is the length of a temporary assignment?

A:  We serve our clients at their request for the time period they need.  Assignments can be from a single day to indefinite periods.  It is not unusual for a successful temporary assignment to last for months. Your Staffing Scheduler will discuss the tentative time period with you when presenting the assignment. While not every assignment will be a perfect fit, we are always expected to serve the client to our best abilities. Eventually, the assignment will end and the next placement may be a closer fit. 

Why would an apartment community need temporary help?

A:  When an apartment community is short-staffed due to vacation, promotion or termination, they need to continue serving their residents and prospects.  Sometimes large projects and peak business times requires extra qualified help. Calling a temporary staffing agency that specializes in residential property management allows the client easy-on and easy-off temporary placement of key apartment personnel.

Will I have access to any specific training?

A:  Yes, your onboarding includes Fair Housing certification, with annual re-certification, along with online and live training and mentoring for your specific job description.  You may also request training and certification related to your job through apartment association courses or similar.  Talk to your Staffing Scheduler for talent development opportunities available to you.

Will I be hired as an employee or a contractor?

A: You are classified as an employee due to customary IRS classification guidelines.  As an employee, your Payroll Coordinator will process necessary employment taxes and reporting on your behalf.  As an employee, you are covered by our Worker’s Compensation policy, unemployment insurance and our portion of employer taxes for FICA.

Are any benefits available?

A: Yes, each Full House Marketing® office has a competitive employee compensation and benefit package.  More detail will be given you during your interview and on-boarding orientation.

How long do most Temporary Specialists stay on as Full House Marketing® employees?

A:  Property professionals come to Full House Marketing® for a variety of reasons.  Some are looking for the best fit for a direct hire placement while others love the flexibility of an ever-changing work environment.  In general, our Specialists remain on our team from a few months to indefinitely.  Most of our quality staff leave to accept direct hire opportunities with our clients, and we gain most of our new quality staff by referrals from our team members.

What’s with the purple attire?

A:  We are proud to be purple.  Our company color of purple reminds us to stand out, be unique and different, and bring our special skills to work every day.  For office assignments, you are expected to be predominantly purple in your attire, and we pay for your purple!  Talk to your Staffing Scheduler about our career apparel reimbursement opportunity.  For Maintenance and Grounds positions, your office may provide you company shirts.  If these are available and provided, you are expected to be in uniform at each assignment.

What key attributes does Full House look for in Temporary Specialists?

Delight the ClientA:  Primarily, we look for a great attitude of customer service, your desire to not only satisfy, but Delight our Client  and basic or advanced skill sets for the position requested.  Apartment industry or related experience is valued highly, and with some assignments it may be required.  We have some clients who welcome first-timers to our industry; we will attempt to match your attributes to the client’s needs as best as possible.  All our specialists should demonstrate:

  • good communication skills
  • timeliness and accountability
  • integrity and honesty
  • common sense
  • friendliness and flexibility

When do I get paid?

A:  Pay periods run for two weeks beginning Monday and ending Sunday, to be paid the Friday following the end of the pay period.  You will be given a current calendar of pay dates at your New Hire orientation. Employees can choose between direct deposit or net pay loaded onto a debit card.

Can I refer other candidates to work for Full House Marketing®?

A:  Yes, our biggest source of new employees is referrals from our current and past employees and from our clients.  While you cannot recruit staff from an active account, you can pass along our information to other property professionals who are between jobs, or to skilled professionals from related industries.  We pay referral fees! Your staffing scheduler can explain how to qualify and get paid.