We’ve compiled some great industry articles for your enjoyment, or to reprint in apartment association publications or company newsletters.

Leah Brewer and Rebecca Rosario-Bueno along with partner industry experts offer articles on a variety of topics. If you are interested in reprinting any of the articles below, you have permission to reprint the articles provided the following:

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  2. Include the byline as written in each article.
  3. Include the bio and photo as provided; if a shorter version is needed to fit your space, contact the author to make the adjustments requested.
  4. Send a copy of the published article within its publication to the author. Each writer appreciates seeing their printed words!

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  1. A Collection of Leadership Lessons
  2. A Dirty Dozen Ways to Turn Off Prospects
  3. Are You Change READY?
  4. Becoming an Extraordinary Salesperson - Being Relevant
  5. Building High Performance Teams
  6. Building the Unstoppable Team
  7. Characteristics of a Winning Team
  8. Checking Customer Satisfaction Rare or Well Done
  9. Customer Service - What Happened to "You're Welcome?"
  10. Empowerment Plus Accountability Equals Achievement
  11. Evaluate Before They Evacuate
  12. Fair Housing - Is Your Service Team Playing Fair?
  13. Fair Housing - Well I Didn't Know I Couldn't Do That
  14. Get the Service Team Involved In the Budget Process
  15. Hire a Professional Industry Speaker for Under $19/Hour
  16. How Can I Reduce AC Service Calls?
  17. Is Your Heart In It?
  18. It All Starts Face to Face
  19. It Just Makes SENSE
  20. It's All About the People
  21. Leading Through the Follow Up - Change the Chore to the Choice
  22. Learning - Just In Time and Just Enough
  23. Maintenance - Implementing a Preventative Maintenance Program
  24. Multicultural Marketing and Leasing vs. Fair Housing
  25. Put On Your Power Suit (Why I Wear Purple)
  26. Risk Management - What's the Risk?
  27. Strategic Questions Increase Sales
  28. Ten Tips for Enhancing Your Talent Development Strategies
  29. The Human Element - Behavioral Interviewing Skills
  30. The Primer on Pristine Pools
  31. The Reverse Mullet and Other Lessons from Las Vegas
  32. The Twelve C's of Leadership
  33. The Wizard of US - Your Hero's Journey
  34. This Gift Really Keeps on Giving
  35. Top Ten Tips for Residential Retention
  36. Transformational Thinking - Same Old Stuff, New Approach
  37. Why Should I Train My Service Team
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